July 11, 2006

Yes, I'm sure I want to move the system/read only file, you dickhead. Die plz.

The other day I was having some problems with HDD storage space. Now I've got certian things downloading, and they're going to my 120 GB drive. I had about 500MiB of space left on the drive so I decide to move a directory over to my C: drive, which is 40 GB. I had to leave and go somewhere so I figured if I just left the thing up it would copy over and my downloads wouldn't stop while I was out.

So I get back home a few hours later and the transfer's still at like 10%, and there's an alert box up asking me if I'm sure I want to move the system file "thumbs.db".

What the fuck have you been doing these past six hours? I'm not a dumbass, Billy boy. If I tell Windows XP to move a file, I'm damn sure about it. Those files could've been moved when I got home. Instead my computer just sat there for six hours with a full hard drive, and I had to sit there for ten minutes while it moved the rest of the files over.

These are the same people as the ones who run Time Warner, who tell you they're going to be there between 12 PM and 9 PM, but you have to be there from 8 AM to 12 PM to get their confirmation call or they won't show up.

That's another thing.

You call the people up, and they can't even give you a specific time. So you have to piss away half the day from 12-3 or whenever they say they're coming. And then 3:00 comes around and you're wondering why they haven't showed up yet. So you call and they're all "because you didn't answer the confirmation call at 9:00 this morning." The fucking appointment was not for 9:00 dumbass! Why the hell should I be here at 9:00 if the appointment is for 12-3? Plus I don't know when you're calling, so basically I don't have to be here from 12-3, I have to be here all fucking day. And hell, why fix the problem in one trip when you can eat up a few more of my days, not to mention the time in which I don't have internet and the time I have to waste talking on the phone with these imbecilles.

Time Warner commercials piss me off too. Specifically the one where the guy is telling an operator at Frontier over the phone that he's switching to Time Warner's "Digital Phone". She replies by saying, "But you won't be able to use the phone if power goes out." So he says, "I wouldn't anyway since my phones are cordless." And she just replies with this moronic "ohhh, that's... a good... point...". And to finish her off, he adds, "And I've got my cellphone if I need to make a call." And she replies with another pathetic "that's... a good... point..." as if her two good neurons just couldn't get her out of this one.

Of course, what they portray implies their belief in great stupidity on our part, specifically that we're going to believe the operator's going to just stand there like a deer in your headlights as if "I have cordless phones" isn't something she hears hundreds of times a day.

So all your phones are cordless? Then you're a dumbass. Nobody in their right mind doesn't have at least one corded phone that they can use when the power goes out. You think a cellphone's going to do the job? You think those pathetic batteries that come with cellphones are going to last more than a day or two without being charged? Then you're a dumbass. So what does Time Warner have to do with moving files? Hell if I know.