January 22, 2006

I'm pregnant, lolwtfbbq

You opened this because it said "I'm pregnant", but if it said "this is yet another idiotic and bullshit myspace chain bulletin" would you have? Since you opened this, you have 31.5789384 seconds to repost it with the title "I'm pregnant, lolwtfbbq" to throw people off, otherwise it means you don't really love God, you're going to get cancer, and half of your teeth are going to fall out when you turn 35.

"If you 'deny' me on myspace, I'm not going to really do anything about it because not reposting a stupid bulletin isn't denial."

And if you do lose half your teeth, don't come crying to me because of this bulletin, or I'll walk to your house, club the other half of your teeth out with my frozen ponytail, and shave your head.