November 26, 2005

Statue of Liberty Destroyed by Errant Mobile Suit Pilot

NEW YARK CITY, AMERICA - The Statue of Liberty, a long-treasured monument along the east coast of the North American continent, was demolished yesterday by an errant mobile suit pilot. Kamille Bidan, 18, has reportedly shown signs of delusion and dementia after a battle with former Titans officer Paptimus Scirocco.

During questioning, the pilot's superior, Captain Bright Noah, said, "He was fighting Paptimus, and he transformed into his Waverider, and then flew right into The O. Then he backed out, and all of a sudden he's like, 'ooh look, a monkey!'".

After this incident with Paptimus, Kamille is said to have been displaying signs of irrationality and lack of logic. An extensive interview with the young man revealed that he thought the statue was, in fact, a new New-type use mobile suit, similar to the Psyco Gundam. He was especially worried about the "weapon" he thought he saw the statue's right hand holding, thinking the pilot of this supposed mobile suit was trying to siege their Lunar base.

The Statue of Liberty was built in what used to be Paris, France. It was given to the old United States of America to symbolize the welcoming of immigrants.

Kamille is currently being transferred to a hospital located in the Bunch 1 "Shangri-la" colony at Side 1. Restitution for the destruction of the Statue is yet to be decided.