March 12, 2009

Obama is officially a traitor.

Any man who would BETRAY AMERICA by stabbing the men and women who were WOUNDED PROTECTING THIS COUNTRY in the back like this doesn't deserve the government job of cleaning toilets in a post office.

If this isn't an act of willful treason I don't know what is. I am 100% convinced that we officially have a terrorist as the president of the United States. And I'm talking about his actions here, not some conspiracy theory about Obama being a Muslim.

Every patriot this country has and has ever had should be sickened by this. I know I am.

Nothing Obama does at this point will ever make up for this. We owe a responsibility to our wounded soldiers, and to suggest that they take care of their own injuries is just like getting a woman pregnant and skipping town, only much worse because every single one of us owes a soldier our lives.

At the same time, Obama wants to spend billions on welfare moms whose only job is to eat ding-dongs and crank out welfare babies. Has he been inhaling again?

If the Democrats want us rational thinkers to believe they have a sense of responsibility, they are doing a horrible job of demonstrating that capability. Obama is a piece of trailer trash. A fuck-and-forget, spend your way out of debt piece of trailer trash.

I can't wait for the 2010 elections.


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Singularity will never occur. AI only works on cows.

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